How did I get started in chair caning?
Sat Mar 8, 2014 4:01pm

I caned my first chair in 1974. A caned back to an upholstered chair, purchased by my father at a small shop in the furniture district in Chicago (where I lived at the time) because I had wanted to learn to weave as a teen-ager and my dad said "caning - weaving - it's all the same." I knew someone who gave me an instruction book on caning from a course he'd taken. I ordered my cane from HH Perkins, along with caning pegs. And I followed the instructions in the manual and did a pretty creditable job of caning. I still have the chair!

In 1976, when pregnant, a friend opened a furniture resale and refinishing shop. On the basis of the chair mentioned above, I became his official go-to person for chair caning, and I caned my first chair for a customer when 8 1/2 months pregnant. My son will be 38 years old the end of this month, so that's how long I've been caning. I did a pretty good job on my first "for profit" chair, so Don brought me other chair seats as well. I redid my first rush chair 3 times before I was not too embarrassed to return it to him for his customer's use. That was a challenge.

I've been very lucky. Jobs brought to me became increasingly difficult through the late 1970's, but never beyond my ability to learn. I've never had a teacher, except for one course I took at HH Perkins many years ago with Jim Muldoon on natural rush seats. Turned out that I knew how to weave the seats (from fibre rush weaving), but I didn't know how to finish them to keep them from unraveling as the rush dried.

To date, I've done pretty much every type of weaving there is, as well as a good bit of wicker repair in the late 1970's and 1980's. And, of course, I've been teaching caning and other reseating techniques in Baltimore, MD since the early 1980's.

As many of you know, I'm busy teaching the next generation seat re-weaving techniques. Three of my great-nieces, currently ages 12-16-18, are becoming quite accomplished at chair caning and Shaker tape reweaving. They now advertise on the National Furniture Directory and have been quite successful at getting jobs as a result. It's cut into their "spare" time quite a bit, but I don't think they're complaining very much. At least not yet.

Meanwhile, my business has morphed into that of an antique dealer, though I still reseat chairs for customers upon request. I think I've gone 3 consecutive weeks without a customer's chair in my house -- maybe 2 years ago, over Christmas. Most of the time I have a pretty healthy back-log of work of various types of seat weaving. It still keeps me active and thinking, even after 38 years.

Mical Wilmoth Carton

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      • Re: how i got started The Wicker Woman, Tue Mar 25 10:22am
        Hi Dave, Welcome to the Chair Caning Forum! It doesn't matter what the circumstances were regarding your learning of the craft, but rather that you learned it and have been making something good come ... more
        • thx f.david, Tue Mar 25 10:49am
          Thx for the kind words and advice. Dave
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          Hannah, You are just plain AWESOME ! Jan N
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        Hi Bruce, Please email me directly with your contact info. I may have some seat weaving work for you. Long story. Regards, Mary Christenbury Huntersville, NC
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      It was my sister-in-law's fault. She signed up for a class at John C. Campbell Folk School and invited me to go along with her. I'd been retired about two years and was in need of finding something... more
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