How did you get started in the chair caning business?
Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:48am

Thank you for that wonderful story ABQ. It's great to hear of your adventure with The Uncles!

My story is thus:

I inherited a chair from my Grandmother. This was a beautiful nursing chair that had seen better days. I remembered it from my childhood sitting in the bathroom of my Grandparents farmhouse. History buffs might be interested to know that this was Castle Farm, Fotheringhay where Mary Queen of Scots had her head chopped off. Parts of the farmhouse were built of stones from the long demolished castle.

Anyway, when I inherited it, it was still just about useable but very dark and dirty and the cane was in a fairly poor state. I used it to nurse by two kids (now 30 and 25) and then went to evening classes to learn how to restore and recane it.

Then the inevitable "I've got a caned chair could you mend it?" happened and I started doing the odd chair, charging a little bit (by now I was a single mum and needed to earn some money). In 2003 I left the 'day job' and started the business properly.

The rest is history. Every time I pass my old original chair, my fingers itch to recane it 'properly'. So many mistakes in it that I use it as a teaching aid!

Hopefully this is a link to a picture of my chair. It's only a little one I'm afraid. Need to take another bigger one.

  • I've loved reading your stories. The common theme seems to be that a "someone" introduced you, and the passion was ignited. My story is similar in that vein, except the person I credit with... more
    • How did you get started in the chair caning business? suz handy, Mon Mar 10 3:48am
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