Re: How did you get started in the chair caning business
Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:22am

Oh thank you so much Dianna for posting about your mom Imogene, she is such a delightful lady. I'm blessed to have known her all these many years and to finally meet her in person back in 2009 when I visited my folks in OKC.

That year, my daughter, baby granddaughter and I all had a nice long visit with her. She even served us a lunch as I recall.

Imogene has certainly paid her dues in the chair caning business and is well deserving of the retirement! What an accomplishment to have worked in the field that she so dearly loved for such a long time. And to have passed on that tradition to you kids to continue on to the future is to be highly commended.

I've posted here on the Chair Caning Forum several times about her, and found one of the early posts here:;article=7462;search_term=Imogene+Reddick

And here's one from Weavin' Wicker Woman Blog, but it's not the one with pictures of her and some of the caning projects she was working on during our visit, can't seem to find those right now.

Found the blog post with the pictures, just by doing a Google Image search on Imogene's name and my blog post pictures came right up! How's that for slick?

Here's wishing Imogene and the Reddick Family Chair Caning business many happy days and success in the coming years! Now you take it easy in your retirement years, Imogene!

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

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