Re: A Newby From Philly :)
Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:57pm

Hi there Hannah,

So glad you finally introduced yourself here! Hannah and I had a nice long talk on the phone a few months ago and I was so hoping she'd find us here and become a part of this wonderful community of chair seat weavers!

She's very modest though and didn't give you the link to her website where you can see some of her exquisite work in weaving and furniture making.

Hannah Bardin: Seat Weaving and Fine Furniture

So happy you shared your story with us too, hope to hear much more from you over the year. And please consider joining the Guild too.

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • A Newby From Philly :) hannahbardinfurniture, Mon Mar 24 11:32am
    Hello, Chair Caning Forum! I'm new, and just got on the site to ask my first question when I saw this thread and thought it would be the best place to insert an introduction. I have actually been... more
    • Re: A Newby From Philly :) The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 24 7:57pm
      • Newby from Philly Janet Noall, Tue Mar 25 9:10am
        Hannah, You are just plain AWESOME ! Jan N
    • Re: A Newby From Philly :) ABQLaurie, Mon Mar 24 12:52pm
      Welcome, Hannah! It's great to see another newbie in this seat weaving world, and you're sure to feel the camaraderie of the community very soon. Check out the Seat Weavers Guild, too. The annual... more
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