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Help reweaving old Star of David
Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:27am

A client brought in an old family chair that had at one time had the Star of David (Snowflake?) pattern for the back. I have been doing cane for about 5 years but have only worked on the standard wooden frame of chairs and rockers. I have few concerns - questions.
1) Even adjusting for the tension caused as cane dries, I am concerned about the strength of the old, brittle cane that holds the inset frame to the rocker's main supports. Any suggestions for the amount of slack I need to include? Or would I be better off fabricating and weaving a separate frame and inserting that?
2) How do I keep the face of the cane forward? Unlike wooden frames there is no way to make the U-turn, do I wrap the strands around the 'frame' or just thread it through the cane that wraps the frame? Do I need to twist the cane on the return??

Here is a photo of the chair before they brought it to me:
And one of the existing frame:

Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


    • Help reweaving old Star of David cstw, Wed Jan 25 3:08pm
      Thank you so much, Jill. That is just what I needed to know. I have a photo of an intact rocker that is nearly identical, but all the pic shows is the front. For some reason the client's memory was... more
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      Several of the books out have good instruction on caning wicker backs. I have the Caner's Handbook . There are plenty of others also. I have been doing wicker repair for decades. I would wet the wrap ... more
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