Caning wicker backs
Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:17am

Several of the books out have good instruction on caning wicker backs. I have the Caner's Handbook . There are plenty of others also.
I have been doing wicker repair for decades. I would wet the wrap cane well then press on it with my thumb to test for brittleness. If it breakers easily you must replace it. Often it holds just fine. The cane threads between the strands and tyou make the "u" turn and come back between strands. Similar to the wood frame. As far as tension goes you are correct in assuming that too much tension could be a problem. I work the cane running it through a wet sponge rather than soaking. This insures that the shrinkage is less as it dries. If the cane is good it has plenty of flexibility with less soak. It does not carry the weight that a seat does when done so this method works fine.
The angles are critical on the diagonals so I highly recommend a good book for instruction .
Have fun. They are very beautiful when done. I will be starting one of these next week actually. I am looking forward to it. Been a while since the last one.
Jill Woods
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