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Blind Caning
Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:45am

I am repairing a "blind caned" chair back. The holes in the chair frame are 3/8" deep. I am using super carriage cane for the field weaving and loops....1.5 mm.
The cane field has been completed. I am having trouble installing the trim cane and loops around the frame covering the holes and cane ends. The trim cane size is "fine". If I wet the super carriage loops, the cane loops ends will not go into the hole easily. If I do not wet the loops, the cane loops show a break as I loop the ends into the holes using a small pair of beading tweezers. The end result is not tight and snug. My big, cumbersome fingers can not hold the short loops and get them installed neatly and correctly. Does anyone have a solution or technique for installation of the loops over the trim and into the holes?

Thomas Gamblin
Madison, MS 39110

    • blind caning JIm Widess, Wed Feb 1 12:08pm
      Hi Thomas, After you've finished the 6 caning steps, glue and plug the hole. Then drill two, new, very small holes at opposite sides of the plug, just deep enough to hold the binder loop. Sometimes... more
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