blind caning
Wed Feb 1, 2017 12:08pm

Hi Thomas,
After you've finished the 6 caning steps, glue and plug the hole. Then drill two, new, very small holes at opposite sides of the plug, just deep enough to hold the binder loop. Sometimes I've seen chairs that had a second hole drilled into the first hole for the binder.
Jim Widess

  • Blind Caning tag1023, Tue Jan 31 9:45am
    I am repairing a "blind caned" chair back. The holes in the chair frame are 3/8" deep. I am using super carriage cane for the field weaving and loops....1.5 mm. The cane field has been completed. I... more
    • blind caning JIm Widess, Wed Feb 1 12:08pm
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