Fibre-rush seats
Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:56pm

I hope it doesn't take me 40 years to be happy with how the undersides of my chairs look! I won't last that long!

I'll be starting my second chair soon and plan on just very briefly wetting the fibre-rush for the areas of the wider corners. Then when I get on to weaving the entire seat, I may use the fibre dry and only mist the areas that I need to compact (similar to what you do.) I had started doing that with my first chair, and the spray bottle scares the snot out of my cat! She does not like getting wet!

I'm glad to hear from you, neighbor. Thanks for the welcome. BTW, where do you buy your fibre rush? Shipping costs a fortune. I wonder if there is a supplier locally.

  • Fibre-rush seats Patti Erickson, Mon Feb 13 4:38pm
    Hi Darlene, Welcome! My name is Patti Erickson and I have been doing chair caning for close to 40 years. I live in Southern York County, we are neighbors. In answer to your question about... more
    • Fibre-rush seats DKR.SeatCaning, Mon Feb 13 5:56pm
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