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extra charges
Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:28am

Thanks, Nona477, for your reply.
Some follow-up questions: Do you inform the customer about charges for your husband to repair the chair BEFORE you proceed? How have you found the customer to react?
How did you come up with 21 cents a square inch for your pressed cane? Did you work off pricing for 24" wide cane?
You mentioned "splint seat" in your reply. I just found a tutorial for that. I'd never done one. Do you have a hard time weaving near the edges of the seat? How do you handle that?
Thanks for all your info.

  • extra charges nona 477, Wed Feb 15 7:39am
    Hello Darlene I used to have the questions you are having right now. I usually tell the customer that I do not refinish or re glue chairs. If it is just a small repair my husband will do it and... more
    • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 15 9:28am
      • extra charges nona 477, Thu Feb 16 5:52am
        I forgot to mention that I do have a minimum charge of $45.00 so if a pressed cane seat is small and less than $45.00 with my 21 cents a square inch they get charged the $45.00. I tell the customer... more
        • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 16 7:41am
          Thanks, Nona, for the additional information. I hope my brain can be a sponge and absorb this all. I've been getting lots of good instruction off the internet. There are many videos and the ones I've ... more
          • extra charges nona 477, Fri Feb 17 6:15am
            Hi Darlene I live in Northern Ontario about 4 hours north of Toronto. I live with my husband in a little town Corbeil just 10 miles east of North Bay. Right now we have a lot of snow and seems to... more
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