Re: Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush
Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:17am

Hi Darlene,
I'm a relative newbie here, having started seat weaving in 2012. I'm much more of a hobbyist though I do charge for most of my work.

I ask potential customers to check the wiggliness of the chairs and tell them my pricing is based on a chair with good structural integrity. Most repairs I don't do myself because I don't have the skills or the tools ... or frankly, the time right now to learn more. I do have a good pal who's a woodworker so when chairs need work he's my go-to resource and I pass along his fee (without my taking any additional markup) to the customer.

If I discover a problem after they've gone, I will follow up with them before proceeding. Everyone's been pretty matter-of-fact about it.

In one case, the chair needed what I considered a LOT of work and I didn't imagine the customer would want to spend so much just to get the chair ready for me to weave. But she DID! The chair had a lot of sentimental value to her and as I recall, she paid $100 above the weaving fee.

Some years back, an experienced person here noted that if our prices are such that no one ever says "hmmm, I guess not" then we may well be underpricing for our work.

Good luck and since you've gained more experience and skill, your time is worth more and your results are likely better. Customers expect to pay a fair price.

All the best,
Laurie Schatzberg

Albuquerque, NM
Intermittently seat weaving since June, 2012

  • Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush DKR.SeatCaning, Tue Feb 14 6:21pm
    Darlene, here, again. As I mentioned earlier, I just started my business last Fall. On my Facebook business page, I say that I will only replace seats in chairs that are sound (not wiggly or loose)... more
    • Re: Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush ABQLaurie, Thu Feb 16 12:17am
      • Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 16 6:58am
        Laurie, Thank you. That was a well-considered and thought-through answer. I suppose it is a matter of sizing-up your customer (and not in a sinister way). You need to be forth-coming with them about... more
    • Re: Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Wed Feb 15 8:31am
      Hi again Darlene, Many of your questions have been answered over the 13 years I've had this forum going and if you'd do a Search here on the homepage you could get an idea of what others charge for... more
    • extra charges nona 477, Wed Feb 15 7:39am
      Hello Darlene I used to have the questions you are having right now. I usually tell the customer that I do not refinish or re glue chairs. If it is just a small repair my husband will do it and... more
      • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 15 9:28am
        Thanks, Nona477, for your reply. Some follow-up questions: Do you inform the customer about charges for your husband to repair the chair BEFORE you proceed? How have you found the customer to react?... more
        • extra charges nona 477, Thu Feb 16 5:52am
          I forgot to mention that I do have a minimum charge of $45.00 so if a pressed cane seat is small and less than $45.00 with my 21 cents a square inch they get charged the $45.00. I tell the customer... more
          • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 16 7:41am
            Thanks, Nona, for the additional information. I hope my brain can be a sponge and absorb this all. I've been getting lots of good instruction off the internet. There are many videos and the ones I've ... more
            • extra charges nona 477, Fri Feb 17 6:15am
              Hi Darlene I live in Northern Ontario about 4 hours north of Toronto. I live with my husband in a little town Corbeil just 10 miles east of North Bay. Right now we have a lot of snow and seems to... more
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