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Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:52am

I forgot to mention that I do have a minimum charge of $45.00 so if a pressed cane seat is small and less than $45.00 with my 21 cents a square inch they get charged the $45.00. I tell the customer that there will be an extra charge for my husbands repairs and will give them a 'ball park' figure. I haven't had anyone decline. I charge the 21 cents for all the press cane no matter what width it is. I don't remember how I came up with the price but I do know that I do raise it by a cent about every second year. I like to charge by the square inch as I can tell a customer, when they ask, how much the chair caning will cost over the phone. A splint seat is usually done around round rails and I find it quite easy. The splint has to be soaked before you use it to make it easy to handle. There are several books that give you a step by step instructions on how to do it. I use Jim Widess's book on chair caning and there is everything you would run across in it.
Hope this will help. If you have any other questions please ask.

  • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 15 9:28am
    Thanks, Nona477, for your reply. Some follow-up questions: Do you inform the customer about charges for your husband to repair the chair BEFORE you proceed? How have you found the customer to react?... more
    • extra charges nona 477, Thu Feb 16 5:52am
      • extra charges DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 16 7:41am
        Thanks, Nona, for the additional information. I hope my brain can be a sponge and absorb this all. I've been getting lots of good instruction off the internet. There are many videos and the ones I've ... more
        • extra charges nona 477, Fri Feb 17 6:15am
          Hi Darlene I live in Northern Ontario about 4 hours north of Toronto. I live with my husband in a little town Corbeil just 10 miles east of North Bay. Right now we have a lot of snow and seems to... more
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