Cutting a new groove in a cane seat
Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:50pm

Hello, again. I've received my next project---a 125 year old rocker. Originally it had a square area in the seat with pressed cane. Over the years, the cane failed (actually due to the rear groove cracking--then a poor glue job--then some nails) and someone installed a flat, black leather seat which was tacked down all around. The leather was about 1 inch wider than the caned area, so when I removed that, I found the damage to the back groove and also found that the "black" from the leather had permeated into the wood and also sunk down deeply into the tack holes. I don't think it would look good, no matter how I tried to sand and stain--because you would have these black tack "marks" evenly spaced all outside the cane webbing. The leather seat left a definite "shadow" on the wood, and I'm thinking about using a dremel tool with a router base assembly to hand-scribe a new groove right on the outline created by the leather cover. The shape is somewhat like that of a police badge--nevertheless, a much more interesting shape than the simple rectangle. My question is who has tried cutting a new groove in a chair? What have you learned while doing it? What things should I be careful for? Any additional advice? Thank you all.

    • Cutting a new groove Patti Erickson, Tue Feb 21 1:48pm
      Darlene, I looked at the pictures on your facebook page. I would not recommend cutting a new grove. Repair the old one with a good quality wood glue and screws. Use restore a finish on the wood... more
      • Cutting a new groove DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 22 12:29pm
        Patti, since it is such a gorgeous day, I took the rocker out in the driveway to "fiddle around" with it. Please remember, at this time I'm certainly not earning any money to speak of, I'm learning... more
      • Clickable Site Links The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Wed Feb 22 10:20am
        FYI: To make your URLs in your signature clickable, just add the entire URL including the https:// and it becomes clickable so the viewer goes directly to your site or Facebook fan/business page. The ... more
      • Cutting a new groove DKR.SeatCaning, Tue Feb 21 2:50pm
        Patti, thanks for reading and answering my question. So I have follow-up: Have you had experience with this not going well for you in the past? On what do you base your recommendation? The break... more
        • Cutting a new groove Back Porch Caning - Joyce Curtis, Wed Feb 22 5:42am
          Regluing and screwing a rail that has split away is usually no big deal for me, but if the piece is missing or badly glued, I take the chair to a professional furniture repair person who loves his... more
          • Cutting a new groove DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 22 8:38am
            Joyce, thank you. What a lovely answer! I again spent a half hour talking over the imperfections of the chair with the customer, and she said she trusted me to make the right decision. Having started ... more
        • Cutting a new groove Patti Erickson, Tue Feb 21 3:29pm
          Darlene, I tried several years ago, as an experiment, on one of my chairs. I used the dremel tool and it was a disaster. It wasn't even and filling in the old groove proved to me a big problem.... more
    • Re: Cutting a new groove in a cane seat The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Mon Feb 20 11:20pm
      Darlene, Could you please sign your name and state in a signature file after your post? It makes replying to your messages so much easier. Please consider following the directions on the homepage for ... more
      • Dremel Kit, Tue Feb 21 1:30pm
        I just used a Dremel successfully to route a new groove. The trick is to take really shallow cuts, at least untill you have the groove well established, and then advance the bit depth about... more
        • Dremel DKR.SeatCaning, Tue Feb 21 2:21pm
          Thanks, Kit, for your reply. I spent a couple days strategizing, and thought that using a Dremel would work. A regular router base was too wide, and the rotary tool that I have has a router base... more
          • routing a chair seat JIm Widess, Wed Feb 22 11:20am
            So Kit, what Dremel bur would you use to cut the groove?
            • Re: routing a chair seat Kit, Sat Feb 25 12:30pm
              Hi Jim, This is what I ordered from Amazon as what was in the Dremel kit didn't work. I used the largest bit. It worked for me as it was a narrow groove that I needed on a back.... more
              • routing a chair seat JIm Widess, Sun Feb 26 3:41pm
                Thanks Kit. I appreciate the additional feedback - I was wondering if that Dremel bur would work.
            • routing a chair seat DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 23 7:56am
              Jim, although I have not received this yet, I ordered this bit to cut the groove in the chair. Yesterday, I was... more
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