Cutting a new groove
Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:42am

Regluing and screwing a rail that has split away is usually no big deal for me, but if the piece is missing or badly glued, I take the chair to a professional furniture repair person who loves his job as much as I love mine. For him it is a no brainier to cut the bad piece evenly at the inside of the groove, cut a new one on the jigsaw to match the curve or straight edge, and glue with the glue in his arsenal that best suits the job. His groove will be nearly perfect. My guy even stains to match and only from the underside can you even tell it was pieced.

I figure that if I expect my repair to look professional the repair to the rail should also look professional. My experience is that I can spend a lot of my time doing something I am no skilled at, or I can let someone else do it and spend more time doing the part I am good at.
I appreciate someone who once said know when to say no.

This is a beautiful chair. It will look gorgeous restored even with the character marks from the leather seat. Also it is well built and unique enough to deserve the repair.

Hope you have a good experience whatever you decide,
Joyce Curtis
Back Porch Caning
Haslett, Michigan

  • Cutting a new groove DKR.SeatCaning, Tue Feb 21 2:50pm
    Patti, thanks for reading and answering my question. So I have follow-up: Have you had experience with this not going well for you in the past? On what do you base your recommendation? The break... more
    • Cutting a new groove Back Porch Caning - Joyce Curtis, Wed Feb 22 5:42am
      • Cutting a new groove DKR.SeatCaning, Wed Feb 22 8:38am
        Joyce, thank you. What a lovely answer! I again spent a half hour talking over the imperfections of the chair with the customer, and she said she trusted me to make the right decision. Having started ... more
    • Cutting a new groove Patti Erickson, Tue Feb 21 3:29pm
      Darlene, I tried several years ago, as an experiment, on one of my chairs. I used the dremel tool and it was a disaster. It wasn't even and filling in the old groove proved to me a big problem.... more
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