routing a chair seat
Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:56am

Jim, although I have not received this yet, I ordered this bit to cut the groove in the chair.

Yesterday, I was able to remove and repair the broken rail with good wood glue and several screws. It feels good and tight today and I will move ahead with replacing the pressed cane seat as the chair originally was done. The customer said she would not mind seeing the tack holes.

Darlene Roehm
d/b/a DKR Cane-Seat Replacements
Manheim, PA


  • routing a chair seat JIm Widess, Wed Feb 22 11:20am
    So Kit, what Dremel bur would you use to cut the groove?
    • Re: routing a chair seat Kit, Sat Feb 25 12:30pm
      Hi Jim, This is what I ordered from Amazon as what was in the Dremel kit didn't work. I used the largest bit. It worked for me as it was a narrow groove that I needed on a back.... more
      • routing a chair seat JIm Widess, Sun Feb 26 3:41pm
        Thanks Kit. I appreciate the additional feedback - I was wondering if that Dremel bur would work.
    • routing a chair seat DKR.SeatCaning, Thu Feb 23 7:56am
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