lincoln rocker curved back
Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:13pm

I always weave the first diagonal as the third step, and it's especially important to do so when one or both planes are curved. The diagonal locks the grid so you don't have to do as much straightening later on. But especially when you have a barrel back chair you'll have loose strands getting in the way and their tension will be uneven, the diagonal as the third step solves all of those problems and keeps the strands where they are supposed to be. Weaving the 2nd strand behind the first also ensures that the curve is maintained with the shortest length necessary to get from one side to the other without guessing how much slack to leave.

  • Lincoln rocker curved back Patti Erickson, Sat Mar 18 3:56pm
    HI Joyce, Well, I tore out the back again. I just couldn't get it to conform to that middle curve. I am going to try again tomorrow. I think, I may be leaving the side to side too loose. One book... more
    • Curved back Back Porch Caning - Joyce Curtis, Sat Mar 18 5:25pm
      I've noticed that some are a lot more curved than others and sometimes the placing of the holes makes it more difficult to follow the curve so I am imagining that yours is just a little quirkier than ... more
      • Lincoln rocker curved back Patti Erickson, Sat Mar 18 5:32pm
        Hi Joyce, I think one of the problems is the customer replaced the side stringers. He didn't make them like the old ones, they are well over an inch thick and angled in towards the middle of the... more
    • lincoln rocker curved back JIm Widess, Sat Mar 18 5:13pm
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