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lincoln rocker curved back
Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:47pm

the first horizontal behind the temporary verticals should be snug. The first vertical should be snug behind the horizontals. It goes behind the horizontals so that it maintains it's curve. Then put in the first diagonal as I indicated. You could put the 2nd diagonal instead because it goes behind the horizontals. Then you're pattern would be the same as usual. By doing the steps in this order you won't weave the horizontals loosely.

  • Lincoln rocker curved back Patti Erickson, Sat Mar 18 5:17pm
    Hi Jim, I have your book. I did the temporary verticals. I ran the step two (side to side) behind the temporary verticals. Should they be loose or tight against the temporary verticals? Step two... more
    • lincoln rocker curved back JIm Widess, Sat Mar 18 5:47pm
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