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Antique Rushed Chair
Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:26am

I wonder if anyone here can help me out. I recently came into possesion of this very interesting old chair. I cannot find it or anything like it in any antique books (granted most of the ones I have access to are Americana. I have an utterly baseless feeling that it is German in origin.) I am trying to find anything at all about this chair before I fix it up and re-rush it. Additionally, if anyone can give me any information on the rush pattern, which I've also never seen before, that would be swell. Thanks so much!

Here is the image:


    • Re: Antique Rushed Chair, Tue Mar 28 5:09am
      I think your chair is probably Mexican, this weaving pattern looks like a weave used on chairs from there. Look for instruction for Mexican weaves. Hopefully someone will post resources. If I find... more
      • Re: Antique Rushed Chair Devon.Koch, Tue Mar 28 8:18am
        Holy muffins, I found it first try! Looks like 1920s North Mexico/Southern California. Mine could be a replica, but other than the lack of paint, I doubt it. Thank you so much again! Devon
      • Re: Antique Rushed Chair Devon.Koch, Tue Mar 28 8:09am
        Cool! Thank you so much for the lead! Devon
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