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Re: Bentwood chair back - wood spline
Tue Apr 4, 2017 8:25am

Hi Ingrid,

These types of chairs are really difficult to repair properly! The material in the back is the same wood that the chair is made from, not reed or anything else.

Sometimes it's possible to remove the wood spline, recane the back and replace the spline and everything turns out great! But that is not usually the case as you can imagine!

This topic has frequently come up. Here's a great discussion from 2013, along with several pictures on how Tim Puro, furniture refinisher and instructor at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, IN handles the project. He's also been a charter advertiser on the Furniture Repair Directory™;article=12591;search_term=tim+puro

Happy to help you out. Be sure to read the other messages to get some other ideas also. Enjoy!

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • Bentwood chair back - wood spline IngridSpies, Mon Apr 3 4:48pm
    I did some searching but couldn't find an answer, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm quoting some Bentwood chair backs to re-cane, however, the back of the chair has a wood spine covering the cane.... more
    • Re: Bentwood chair back - wood spline The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Tue Apr 4 8:25am
      • Bentwood chair back-wood spline Rhonda Voos-Association of Artis, Tue Apr 4 10:12pm
        I had never seen Tim Puro's post on removing the spline. Looks like a good technique. I have removed many splines. I have gotten better at it with practice. One tip I would add is to take a sharp... more
      • bentwood chair back JIm Widess, Tue Apr 4 12:03pm
        Hi Ingrid, We always blind cane the backs of these chairs. It's faster than dealing with putting the spline back and refinishing the back of the chair. Just be careful not to drill through the spline ... more
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