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Re: deep seat rush weaving
Tue Apr 4, 2017 8:37am

Hi Don,

I can't visualize this chair seat you need help with and most likely others can't either. Could you follow the directions at the bottom of the homepage for a method of posting pictures here, please? I know it's a pain, but those are the rules of the company that hosts this forum.

Malicious pictures were posted here in the early years, so they banned pictures and videos from being hosted here. You can post all the pictures you want, as long as they are hosted somewhere else. And keep in mind, that this forum started in 2004, way before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest with the fancy technology that we have today.

Thanks, after you post a picture or two, then we will all know what you are dealing with and can offer our suggestions.

Don and Gwen are also advertisers on the Furniture Repair Directory™ and since he didn't sign his post with his signature file, I'll post his ad info instead so you can visit their website and Facebook page.

Chafin's Chair Caning and Seat Weaving

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • deep seat rush weaving donchafin, Mon Apr 3 5:33pm
    This is Don Chafin with Chafin's Chair Caning in Arab, Alabama. We have been doing chair caning for about 17 years, and my speciality is fibre rush. It's been a while since I've done a deep seat... more
    • deep seated rush JIm Widess, Tue Apr 4 11:29pm
      Don, You can do triple figure eights and I've seen chairs with even more. It's a quick way to fill up the sides and then you have a wide bridge at the end. The main purpose is to push the bridge... more
    • Re: deep seat rush weaving The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Tue Apr 4 8:37am
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