Figured it out, FINALLY!
Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:24am


I'm Kevin, I've been caning for a little over a month, I think I have my problems figured out and it dawned of me there must be a group on the Internets that could confirm that for me or tell me what else I'm doing wrong that I don't know that I'm doing wrong, yet.

I am refinishing an old wood/canvas canoe and build new seats for it from Bourbon Barrel Staves. The only caning instructions I've found were how to cane an old chair and nothing about making the frame, how to set up the hole pattern... So I'm on my 5th seat and I think I have solve my last, and biggest problem.

These are the seats.

I've been getting these bends along the edges that cut the cane

And I think the reason is the last hole on the horizontal piece, that the chewed peg is in, should be closer to the vertical piece, cut shorter on each end.

Is that correct?

    • figured it out nona 477, Sun Apr 16 7:43am
      We are the people who owned North Bay Canoe and Kayak Company for many years and we specialized in building and restoring cedar canvas canoes. If you want any advice in your restoration project we... more
      • Cane corners, fish heads, and Xs The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sun Apr 16 12:32pm
        Hi Kevin, These blog posts and article page of mine might help you very much to understand and the reasons for the fish heads in the corners, creating the proper Xs, and other hints and tips for... more
      • Re: figured it out frenchwwr, Sun Apr 16 9:04am
        I'd love any information you had on the 'Prescott Boat and Canoe Company' out of Brewer ME in business from 1941-52 but I'm guessing that you have as little information as the Brewer, ME... more
        • figured it out nona 477, Mon Apr 17 5:45am
          We would love to give you the tricks of the trade. You can contact me at
    • Re: Figured it out, FINALLY! Robin Starr, Sat Apr 15 1:20pm
      Your problem is in the placement of the diagonals (better said, where you start your diagonals.). So, for example, as you face the frame, the verticals going to the left should actually go under the... more
      • Re: Figured it out, FINALLY! frenchwwr, Sat Apr 15 5:07pm
        Look at the pic below there is a hole where the the vertical meet the horizontal. I have an additional 3/16th" there on each end.... more
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