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Re: figured it out
Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:04am

I'd love any information you had on the 'Prescott Boat and Canoe Company' out of Brewer ME in business from 1941-52 but I'm guessing that you have as little information as the Brewer, ME Historical\al Society.
I hope to be up your way next year for a paddle in Temagami, this year I'm only going as far as Algonquin.

I did weave a pair of seats for a late model Chestnut and saw there was difference in the weave. I weave at night in front of the computer watching the Bruins Games.

Thank you for the offer, I on the Canoe Tripping Forum and have a couple guys that are helping me with the canvas.

Have you ever heard of using Pine Tar to fill and finish the canvas?

Akta Tratjara below the Flugger Archaia translates to Hair Wood Tar at 2:38 in the video

  • figured it out nona 477, Sun Apr 16 7:43am
    We are the people who owned North Bay Canoe and Kayak Company for many years and we specialized in building and restoring cedar canvas canoes. If you want any advice in your restoration project we... more
    • Cane corners, fish heads, and Xs The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sun Apr 16 12:32pm
      Hi Kevin, These blog posts and article page of mine might help you very much to understand and the reasons for the fish heads in the corners, creating the proper Xs, and other hints and tips for... more
    • Re: figured it out frenchwwr, Sun Apr 16 9:04am
      • figured it out nona 477, Mon Apr 17 5:45am
        We would love to give you the tricks of the trade. You can contact me at
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