2-4mm kooboo
Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:00pm

All of the suppliers/distributors are going through the same source and we're all trying to find a new source for this size of whole rattan. Just keep checking - eventually we'll have something I'm confident. Since the balloon basket makers went to a larger size, the demand for the smaller size dried up to where it wasn't worth it to harvest the small size. Unfortunately there is a lot of poorly made furniture which is made with this size that we need to repair and round reed just doesn't make it. Jim@caning.com

  • Help finding Kooboo reed? cstw, Fri Apr 21 2:10pm
    A client has two chairs that need repair/reweaving. Cane and Basket Supply in Calif said that they are woven from "2/4mm natural rattan" (a.k.a. kooboo rattan?) which they can no longer get from... more
    • 2-4mm kooboo JIm Widess, Sat Apr 22 8:00pm
      • kooboo cstw, Sun Apr 23 10:58am
        Thank you Katherine and Jim. Yes, Katherine, I did search your listings, among the first I went to! :) Jim, Thanks for shedding light on the problem. And for the 'hint' that the round reed isn't a... more
    • Re: Help finding Kooboo reed? The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sat Apr 22 7:23am
      Trish, Have you tried contacting all the companies listed on my Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™? I bet either The Caning Shop or Frank's Cane & Rush Supply have just what you need.... more
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