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Laurie's wicker chair question
Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:40am

Hi Laurie,
You'll have to remove the wicker braid which is covering lots of staples. The back and sides were woven as separate panels and then stapled to the frame. This is not a very old wicker chair. The question is were the arms woven before the panels were stapled onto the frame or after. My guess is before. It's probably not worth the time to remove the panels so you can reweave the arms as the panels might begin falling apart because the staples have split or broken the cane which is hidden under the braid. You'll have to work really slowly and carefully to remove all of the staples without doing more breakage. Send new photos when you see the chair. You can probably weave something different and more vintage onto the backs and sides. The seat looks like it's in good shape from the photos though.

  • Wicker chair question ABQLaurie, Mon Apr 24 10:07pm
    Greetings, all - A friend of mine offered to give me this chair, if I'd be interested in it as a project chair. Otherwise, she's going to donate it somewhere. I have only done the most basic of... more
    • Wicker project chair, Tue Apr 25 5:02am
      The wrap on the arms us fairly simple. I am sure you could do that. I wouls carefully pry off the twisted braid along the edge. It is probably held on with small nails. Spray it down first. Then pry... more
      • Re: Wicker project chair ABQLaurie, Wed Apr 26 10:10am
        Hi Jim & Jill, Thanks very much for your insights, tips and suggestions. I'll give it a whirl and will post again once I'm caught up and can start on it. Enjoy your day! Laurie
    • Laurie's wicker chair question JIm Widess, Tue Apr 25 12:40am
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