Estate chairs
Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:31pm

Hi Leslie.
I would say that the chairs were seated with splints or shaker tape.
I bet if you turn the chair upside down, there will be holes on the underside of the front rail that correspond with the holes on the lower rail. these would have had short lengths dowel/turned wood like the spindles in the back and arms, that would have created what I think is called a 'cage'.
You can "cheat" to replace them with either willow or centre cane.
To make the front even more interesting, you could soak the cane/willow really well, and twist the 'rods' round each other.
Hope this helps?
Brigitte (From East Devon UK)

  • Help lrobertson13, Fri Jun 23 8:44am
    I bought a chair and rocker from an estate sale in the hope that I could redo the seats. The peg holes on the rail are throwing me off. Any help in figuring out how this might have been done or... more
    • Estate Chairs brigittegraham48, Sat Jul 1 8:27am
      Leslie, I have had spark of inspiration,(!) the holes are to trap the ends of the front to back canes that the seat is woven through, (uprights in basketry terms and warp in weaving terms). A length... more
      • estate chairs JIm Widess, Mon Jul 3 7:24pm
        I'd remove the two curved braces on the front of the chair temporarily. Then drill the holes all the way through the rung. The round reed pairs were originally inserted into these holes and probably... more
      • Yea! lrobertson13, Sat Jul 1 10:28am
        ding, ding ding! Thanks so much!
    • Re Estate chairs brigittegraham48, Fri Jun 30 3:23am
      Leslie, That is odd, please can you send/post a picture of the underside of the top rail then? Brigitte
      • Chairs lrobertson13, Fri Jun 30 6:54am
        Here are photos of the underside of the chairs. Thanks! [url=][img] [/img][/url]... more
        • Estate chairs brigittegraham48, Sat Jul 1 7:46am
          Leslie, The mystery holes don't go all the way through the rail, so how deep are they? I wanted to see the underside of the rail to see if it had any clues, like different shading of the wood where a ... more
    • Estate chairs brigittegraham48, Thu Jun 29 2:31pm
      • Estate chairs lrobertson13, Thu Jun 29 6:57pm
        Brigitte - Thanks so much for taking the time to offer some advice. I turned the chairs over to see if there were any corresponding holes on the top rail and didn't see any. In addition, because... more
        • Estate chairs lrobertson13, Thu Jun 29 7:03pm
          Correction, Brigitte, the brackets are under the bottom rail.
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