Estate chairs
Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:57pm

Brigitte - Thanks so much for taking the time to offer some advice. I turned the chairs over to see if there were any corresponding holes on the top rail and didn't see any. In addition, because there are brackets supporting each side of the top rail, I don't know how anything could be attached between them. It's a mystery!

  • Estate chairs brigittegraham48, Thu Jun 29 2:31pm
    Hi Leslie. I would say that the chairs were seated with splints or shaker tape. I bet if you turn the chair upside down, there will be holes on the underside of the front rail that correspond with... more
    • Estate chairs lrobertson13, Thu Jun 29 6:57pm
      • Estate chairs lrobertson13, Thu Jun 29 7:03pm
        Correction, Brigitte, the brackets are under the bottom rail.
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