Estate chairs
Sat Jul 1, 2017 7:46am

The mystery holes don't go all the way through the rail, so how deep are they?
I wanted to see the underside of the rail to see if it had any clues, like different shading of the wood where a binding might have trapped the ends of what ever went in the holes.
Because they are in pairs I think that they may have just been for a decorative trim, like some willow/center cane bent in an arch and into the next but one hole, then the next arch one hole back and into the next but one, sort of fitching in basketry terms.
But as the chairs are not ornate, I am not sure the frilly bits would look quite right.
You may have guessed, I do not know what I am talking about, I am just throwing ideas in the air ~ to be shot down (in flames)!!
If you want to put something in the holes, may be some natural coloured wooden beads with a large diameter hole could be pegged into the holes?
I hope that maybe you have had some more constructive answers than mine?

  • Chairs lrobertson13, Fri Jun 30 6:54am
    Here are photos of the underside of the chairs. Thanks! [url=][img] [/img][/url]... more
    • Estate chairs brigittegraham48, Sat Jul 1 7:46am
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