estate chairs
Mon Jul 3, 2017 7:24pm

I'd remove the two curved braces on the front of the chair temporarily. Then drill the holes all the way through the rung. The round reed pairs were originally inserted into these holes and probably pulled out. By inserting the reed all the way through the holes and doing a simple over/under basket border to anchor the strands to that rung, these spokes will have a more secure anchor to the chair and if one breaks later, a new spoke can be inserted into the weave much easier. The braces can be reattached when the weaving is completed. These pairs of spokes are then the support for the weaving of the apron - with or without decorative patterns from leg to leg- over the front seat rail and continued around the two side rails and across the seat. Be sure to use two rows of tripple 3 rod twining at the beginning of the apron, regular weaving across the apron and the several rows of 3 rod twining around the front rail where you can't weave around the leg and the front curve, then catching the side rails to the rear of the seat. To finish the seat wrap the pairs of spokes around the back seat rail and then back up on the left of the left pair of spokes, over the spoke under the next pair to the right and over the 3rd pair to the right. Then do the same for the next pair until you're 2 pairs from the right. Take that pair to the left, over itself to the right, under the next pair and back over the last pair. The next pair, over itself, under the last pair and back over to the left. The last pair will go over itself, back under itself to the left and then over the previous pair to the left. Fill in the last inches or more with the last two rows being 3 rod twining up against the braid from the finished spokes.

  • Estate Chairs brigittegraham48, Sat Jul 1 8:27am
    Leslie, I have had spark of inspiration,(!) the holes are to trap the ends of the front to back canes that the seat is woven through, (uprights in basketry terms and warp in weaving terms). A length... more
    • estate chairs JIm Widess, Mon Jul 3 7:24pm
    • Yea! lrobertson13, Sat Jul 1 10:28am
      ding, ding ding! Thanks so much!
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