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Rattan project, can you staple sheets?
Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:49pm


I'm renovating two counter-height rattan chairs, they were originally wrapped with hard, scratchy sinew but I'd like to cane them instead.

Can I wrap cane sheet around the rattan and use tons of staples on the inner side of the rattan to attach it? My backup plan is to use a small strip of rattan and glue/nail it on the inner edge between the two stacked rattan pieces to clamp the cane sheet down.

I'll be using cane strips to wrap all the rattan joints and cover the raw edge of the cane sheets at the four corners.

My backup-backup plan is to do a danish peel caning, but I'm hoping I don't have to do that because I much prefer the classic hexagonal caning look, and would prefer the less time consuming sheet cane if possible, but if you guys tell me the above ideas are terrible I would consider doing something like this.

I haven't seen anything exactly like what I'm asking about but there are some similar ideas here:

Thanks is advance!

Boise, ID

    • Sheet cane on rattan, Wed Jul 12 6:01am
      I have seen plenty of chairs with cane stapled on. You need to staple a strip over the stapled edges as reinforcement. Going all the way around to the inside edge not bottom adds strength. My biggest ... more
      • sheet cane on rattan JIm Widess, Thu Jul 13 12:55pm
        While rawhide wraps on rattan joins is a patented technique from McGuire, the frame doesn't really look like a McGuire chair. Take a look at The Caner's Handbook where I show how to use binder cane... more
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