Sheet cane on rattan
Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:01am

I have seen plenty of chairs with cane stapled on. You need to staple a strip over the stapled edges as reinforcement. Going all the way around to the inside edge not bottom adds strength. My biggest concern is the expanse.
I would run several strands of binder cane both directions to add support to the sheet cane.
Jill Woods

  • Rattan project, can you staple sheets? chemacailletbois, Tue Jul 11 2:49pm
    Hello, I'm renovating two counter-height rattan chairs, they were originally wrapped with hard, scratchy sinew but I'd like to cane them instead. more
    • Sheet cane on rattan, Wed Jul 12 6:01am
      • sheet cane on rattan JIm Widess, Thu Jul 13 12:55pm
        While rawhide wraps on rattan joins is a patented technique from McGuire, the frame doesn't really look like a McGuire chair. Take a look at The Caner's Handbook where I show how to use binder cane... more
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