sheet cane on rattan
Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:55pm

While rawhide wraps on rattan joins is a patented technique from McGuire, the frame doesn't really look like a McGuire chair. Take a look at The Caner's Handbook where I show how to use binder cane on Danish furniture in great detail. At the end of the section you'll find an example of the more complicated weaving over the edge of a seat but the set-up is the same of hiding the start under an adjacent strand.
Hand weaving individual strands will be much stronger than stapling sheet cane on the seat which I don't recommend. The method can work on a back, but won't last long on a seat.

  • Sheet cane on rattan, Wed Jul 12 6:01am
    I have seen plenty of chairs with cane stapled on. You need to staple a strip over the stapled edges as reinforcement. Going all the way around to the inside edge not bottom adds strength. My biggest ... more
    • sheet cane on rattan JIm Widess, Thu Jul 13 12:55pm
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