Mr. Stafford
Re: Screw Blocking Hole
Thu Aug 3, 2017 10:55am


I'm new to the forum also. It sounds like that screw was either put in as an attempt to tighten a loose chair or possibly the original shorter screw was lost and a longer one was put in its place. I would try either finding a shorter screw or cutting the existing one shorter. I restore and repair antiques for a living and I have seen countless makeshift fixes that people have made. One thing that's for certain is that no one who made a cane seat chair would have knowingly allowed a screw to protrude through one of the holes.

  • Screw Blocking hole gsdoby, Wed Jul 26 8:39pm
    I doing a set a lace cane chairs and have run across a problem. The back legs of the chair are fastened to the seat frame with a large wood screw. On 4 of the 6 chairs in the set the one of the... more
    • screw blocking hole ediezalas, Sat Sep 23 10:13am
      Edie in Indiana I am about to start a Hoffman Prague chair and I am seeing the same problem with 2 of the screws going through 2 holes. I have encountered this once before but there was still enough... more
    • Re: Screw Blocking hole The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Fri Aug 4 12:08am
      Hi gsdoby, Welcome to the chair caning forum! Please introduce yourslef and let us know what state you live in and how long you've been seatweaving. Then follow the directions at the bottom of the... more
    • Re: Screw Blocking Hole Mr. Stafford, Thu Aug 3 10:55am
      • Screw nail in seat Donald Robins, Sat Aug 5 6:57am
        Welcome from Canada, Often this does happen and I simply remove the screw nail and re-angle it through the same hole into the wood so it goes into the seat between the holes. All the old chairs were... more
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