Screw nail in seat
Sat Aug 5, 2017 6:57am

Welcome from Canada,
Often this does happen and I simply remove the screw nail and re-angle it through the same hole into the wood so it goes into the seat between the holes. All the old chairs were not made perfect because a lot of the work was by hand or by pully belt driven machines or steam machines. Think of how often the number of holes do not match in a caned chair. BUt they were craftsman in their time that we respect. Do the best you can and cane the chair as you are a craftsman of today. Wishing you the best,
Donald Robins caning since the 1970's

  • Re: Screw Blocking Hole Mr. Stafford, Thu Aug 3 10:55am
    Hello, I'm new to the forum also. It sounds like that screw was either put in as an attempt to tighten a loose chair or possibly the original shorter screw was lost and a longer one was put in its... more
    • Screw nail in seat Donald Robins, Sat Aug 5 6:57am
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