how did you get started?
Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:13am

First off I am one of those people that when I see some handiwork or artwork the first thing I think isn't 'how much is it' it's
'how did they do that and can I do it too?'

That being said, I had a Hitchcock vanity stool with a hole in the seat and I held onto it for a few yrs thinking I would do something with it and not even considering replacing the cane myself. Then I finally stuck it in a garage sale, because I was tired of moving it around with me, and a man snatched it up immediately and immediately is how fast regret set in.

Sometime later I was looking at an old chair, that my mother had hand painted a design on, and thought I would clean it up for my daughter's room so I took the piece of plywood off the seat and there were holes all around it and I thought to myself 'hey, I've seen this before so off to google I went which led me to The Wicker Guru and I was hooked. Then I found Emily Emza Uphill and she was kind enough to help me with my many questions :-) big thanks to Emily.

don't look too closely at the chair

  • Re: How did you get started...? Mr. Stafford, Thu Aug 10 9:44pm
    Hello all, My name is Mr. Stafford and I fell into my first chair caning project about four years ago. I had been a woodworker and professional musician for about 25 years and I had just started to... more
    • how did you get started? ediezalas, Fri Aug 11 9:13am
    • How did you all get started? jbmeltzer, Fri Aug 11 8:43am
      I was teaching macrame (remember that?) at a local art center, and someone else was teaching caning. We traded skills, and I was off and running! Beyond that, I am self-taught, mostly by using Jim... more
    • How I got started Anderson's Restorations-Rob, Fri Aug 11 7:08am
      I used to have a refinishing business and a real nice older gentleman did my caning for me. One day his wife called that he passed and did I want his material. I had just taken in 4 chairs so I said... more
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