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barrel back radio cane chair
Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:36am

So glad I found this- hoping for help. Bought 60's barrel back chair that has a groove along the top but no groove along the bottom. Would like to use paper radio cane webbing but I guess I'd have to staple the bottom? Can I do that? I *think* there is something similar on Emza's example on her 2013 blog. Hard to tell from the pic but it looks like there is something holding the cane down at the bottom.

I did one cane seat about 20 years ago, so I'm soaking up everything I can find.

Any advice or pointers would be GREATLY appreciated!


    • Re: barrel back radio cane chair The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Mon Sep 11 8:17am
      Hi Cindi and welcome to the forum! What state are you located in? Could you follow the directions for posting a photo here so we all know exactly what you are dealing with? Just go to the homepage... more
      • Requested info cduehmig1, Mon Sep 11 5:18pm
        Hi. Thank yo for such a quick reply .... I'm in Annapolis MD. I posted pics of the chair after stripping off the fabric. Clearly the chair did NOT have caning all the way around previously because... more
        • Barrel back chair, Tue Sep 12 1:14pm
          As a chair caner and an upholsterer in the past this looks to me like it never had cane, just upholstery. The routered groove was likely to create a recess for a welt strip. You will need to router... more
          • Barrel back chair cduehmig1, Wed Sep 13 7:05am
            I concur with your assessment that it never had cane before. I want to add cane without routing a second groove at the bottom. Will staples work at the bottom (I can just imagine everyone cringing)?... more
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