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diagonal as step 3
Thu Feb 8, 2018 9:28am

If I use step 3 for my first diagonal, would step 4 be my second diagonal ?
Thank you for any suggestions.

    • diagonal as step 3 dorset14, Fri Feb 9 9:34am
      If you do a diagonal (step 5) as step 3, you then continue with steps 3,4,6,7 in that order. I find that doing the diagonal as step 3 locks in the first 2 steps and makes squaring off the holes much... more
      • Diagonal as step 3 gm.hefley, Sun Feb 18 6:18am
        Tried it out and found that it doesn’t save any time. Sticking with first diagonal as step 5.
      • diagonal as step 3 jlcor1, Fri Feb 9 9:54am
        Thank you Dorset. I am on track to follow those steps after checking out The Caner's Handbook by Jim Widess and Bruce Miller. So far it is going well.
        • Re: diagonal as step 3 cil.pinkett, Sat Feb 10 7:29am
          I weave 2 verticals first then weave the two horizontals at the same time, coming from opposite ends. This forms the windows quite nicely and the diagonals are pretty easy.
    • Re: diagonal as step 3 cil.pinkett, Fri Feb 9 5:53am
      Steps 1-4 consist of 2 verticals and 2 horizontals. 5 and 6 are the diagonals. Are you planning on omitting 1 horizontal and 1 vertical?
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