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1.5, 1.6mm cane.
Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:23am

I'm in need of some very fine 1.5mm cane and am finding it impossible to find it over here (UK) apart from old stock which just snaps! Does anybody know of somewhere I could buy some good quality cane over there, that would ship over this side of the pond?


Cane & Rush Workshop.

    • 1.5mm chair cane JIm Widess, Thu Feb 15 12:44pm
      We've got it.
    • 1.6, 1.6mm cane brigittegraham48, Thu Feb 15 3:05am
      Hi Russell, I have been getting my cane from The cane has been wonderful to work with and they do all sizes of cane. HTH Brigitte (From East Devon)
      • Re: 1.6, 1.6mm cane russheb, Tue Feb 27 2:57pm
        Many thanks I'll give them a go! Do they respond to emails in English?
        • 1.6mm cane brigittegraham48, Tue Feb 27 3:18pm
          Hi Russell, Yes, they will respond in English. I usually communicate with a chap called Thomas.
          • Re: 1.6mm cane russheb, Wed Feb 28 2:39am
            Thanks Brigitte, Last silly question. He has asked for a European tax number, any ideas? Russell Theaker.
            • 1.6mm cane brigittegraham48, Wed Feb 28 3:47am
              Russell, I have Googled ETN and I think it might be you NI number. I am sure I didn't have to provide Hans Ender with this info. Perhaps its because you are in the USA? Google it yourself and see... more
              • Re: 1.6mm cane russheb, Wed Feb 28 4:28am
                Hi Brigitte, No I'm in England. Just outside Southampton! I've tried looking online and can't find an answer. No matter I'll just put my tax code. Russell Theaker.
      • Re: 1.6, 1.6mm cane The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Thu Feb 15 10:51am
        Hi Russell, Have you checked with Tim and Kim from Former Glory? They are located in southeast Dorset – England. And there's also Suzandy Caned Furniture Restoration — Based in Buckerell, Nr Honiton, ... more
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