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Cathryn Peters
Re: Craiglist Advertising
Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:41am


Here's a really old post I found while doing a search on "getting business" that has a lot of suggestions about ways to drum up business on the cheap! Of course, this was way before CraigsList even started, so it's not mentioned. Did you do a search here on CraigsList before making the post? I don't remember if anyone has brought that up before.;article=6594;

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • Craiglist Advertising Robin Starr, Mon Apr 9 4:32pm
    Has anyone advertised their caning services on Craigslist? How did it work for you? Was there any downside to it?
    • Re: Craiglist Advertising Cathryn Peters, Wed Apr 11 8:41am
      • Re: Craiglist Advertising Robin Starr, Wed Apr 11 5:36pm
        Yes, I did. There were a few posts relating to buying and selling caned chairs but not about selling services.
    • Re: Craiglist Advertising Cathryn Peters, Tue Apr 10 8:37am
      Robin, I don't know anything about advertising on Craigs List, but I do want to remind everyone about the Furniture Repair Directory™ I have on my website that lists Chair Caning, Upholstery,... more
      • Re: Craiglist Advertising Robin Starr, Tue Apr 10 9:48am
        I am aware and it is a great service. Over the last 18 years or so, I've maintained just the right amount of work mostly through contacts at a few local antique dealers and also by word of mouth. For ... more
        • Re: Craiglist Advertising ABQLaurie, Tue Apr 10 10:07am
          For your purposes I’d avoid Craig’s List and instead send a thank you to all your goodnrecent customers along with 2-3 of your biz cards. Revisit the antique stores with some of your cards, etc.... more
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