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Caning first seat
Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:56pm

This is my first caning project. I’m re-caning my grandparents dining room chair set, six chair seats. Anyway, I started the first chair last Saturday morning and by 11:00 pm had not finished but was too tired to continue working. I left the chair “as is”. I’m not sure how to continue weaving the seat (or if I should start over) as the cane is now very dry. Can I re-wet the cane and continue working? Is it better to mist the cane with a spray bottle or would a damp towel be a better choice?
Thank you.

    • Re: Caning first seat Robin Starr, Mon Apr 16 7:41pm
      Absolutely, spray away! Or damp towel, whatever you prefer. And, I'm going to tell you a secret but don't tell anybody else though. (Lol) Be sure to spray top and bottom of your holes, including the... more
      • Re: Caning first seat ABQLaurie, Tue Apr 17 12:08am
        Welcome, Pat - And thanks, Robin. I never knew about spraying in the holes and it makes a TON of sense! Thanks for the tip :-) Laurie Schatzberg Intermittently weaving seats since June 2012... more
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