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Re: Caning first seat
Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:41pm

Absolutely, spray away! Or damp towel, whatever you prefer. And, I'm going to tell you a secret but don't tell anybody else though. (Lol) Be sure to spray top and bottom of your holes, including the inside. Sometimes breakage will occur more often as you're trying to pull through a hole already snug with dry cane. So, you really can't wet it too much. Re-weaving a single broken piece is time consuming and takes some creativity to replace. Caners are patient people but that is the best way to test them.

  • Caning first seat pkane267, Mon Apr 16 1:56pm
    This is my first caning project. I’m re-caning my grandparents dining room chair set, six chair seats. Anyway, I started the first chair last Saturday morning and by 11:00 pm had not finished but was ... more
    • Re: Caning first seat Robin Starr, Mon Apr 16 7:41pm
      • Re: Caning first seat ABQLaurie, Tue Apr 17 12:08am
        Welcome, Pat - And thanks, Robin. I never knew about spraying in the holes and it makes a TON of sense! Thanks for the tip :-) Laurie Schatzberg Intermittently weaving seats since June 2012... more
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