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Re: Finishing Fiber Rush
Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:48am

Have you seen an earlier series of posts starting around March 18 on same general subject? Check that first. Shellac itself does not cause fuzz. It's what's underneath. More than likely it's the new poorer quality paper that deteriorates as it gets too wet. That's why you can avoid the problem by either spraying lightly or doing a quick dip in water when weaving. No soaking. Some even weave dry but I personally don't do that. Other thoughts?

  • Finishing Fiber Rush gm.hefley, Sat Apr 14 6:51am
    First off, thanks all for replies about seagrass seats and not applying any type of finish to it. My next question to the forum concerns finishing brown fiber rush. I have used clear shellac always,... more
    • Re: Finishing Fiber Rush Robin Starr, Mon Apr 23 8:48am
      • Finishing Fiber Rush gm.hefley, Tue Apr 24 6:10am
        Thank you for your reply. I do give it a 15 second dip before weaving. Then if I have to leave it for long enough for it to dry out, spray mist it before beginning again. I have very strong hands and ... more
        • Re: Finishing Fiber Rush Cathryn Peters, Wed Apr 25 10:46am
          George, Don't try the white glue solution on a rush seat, it probably won't work at all in getting the desired result. Jill and I only use that on wicker furniture to smooth down the fuzzies before... more
        • Re: Finishing Fiber Rush Robin Starr, Tue Apr 24 9:51am
          I'm still a little confused. Seems like you are trying to solve two problems at once. One, the roughness and two, the color. Have you tried either wheat-backed rush or light (golden) rush? Both of... more
    • Finishing fiber rush gm.hefley, Mon Apr 23 6:06am
      Hmmm, guess nobody has any words of wisdom on finishing fiber rush. Tried 50/50 shellac/denatured alcohol with multiple coats. Dull and flat finish. Perhaps varnish over shellac for next experiment.
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