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Caning Tools
Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:43pm

Who knows what the name of the cane squaring tool that is clear plastic and is somewhat prism shaped? Are those still available?

I just saw the new adjustable caning comb, but I also remember from many years ago, sets of orange plastic caning combs that came in different spacings, (maybe from England).

I love caning tools and I can't believe that I can't remember where they came from.

Caners - help me out :)

    • Caning Combs tag1023, Wed Apr 25 4:31pm
      The Caning Shop has had the combs in the past. Jim Widess can help. Thomas Gamblin Madison, Ms 39110
    • Caning Tools gm.hefley, Wed Apr 25 5:38am
      I got my prism shaped caning tool from Peerless Rattan.
    • caning tools JIm Widess, Tue Apr 24 11:21pm
      Bonnie, The Caning Shop makes the "Adjustable Caning Comb." The set of plastic caning combs are available from a company in France. The trouble is they're in millimeter spacing and I could never get... more
      • Caning Tools Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Wed Apr 25 4:53pm
        Thanks for the replies. I am a tool MANIAC so I know I will be ordering the new adjustable comb soon.
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