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caning tools
Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:21pm

Bonnie, The Caning Shop makes the "Adjustable Caning Comb." The set of plastic caning combs are available from a company in France. The trouble is they're in millimeter spacing and I could never get them to fit whatever I was caning. That's why I developed the adjustable comb to fit any spacing between 3/8" and 3/4." I've never seen the "square caning tool." An interesting idea. I still like the ice pick and tack hammer approach for squaring up the grid. Also, putting the first diagonal as the third step really helps to hold the grid in place.

  • Caning Tools Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Tue Apr 24 6:43pm
    Who knows what the name of the cane squaring tool that is clear plastic and is somewhat prism shaped? Are those still available? I just saw the new adjustable caning comb, but I also remember from... more
    • Caning Combs tag1023, Wed Apr 25 4:31pm
      The Caning Shop has had the combs in the past. Jim Widess can help. Thomas Gamblin Madison, Ms 39110
    • Caning Tools gm.hefley, Wed Apr 25 5:38am
      I got my prism shaped caning tool from Peerless Rattan.
    • caning tools JIm Widess, Tue Apr 24 11:21pm
      • Caning Tools Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Wed Apr 25 4:53pm
        Thanks for the replies. I am a tool MANIAC so I know I will be ordering the new adjustable comb soon.
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