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cane in cabinet door
Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:19pm

Hi Newbie,
1. Remove the wooden stops.
2. Remove the cane webbing. Study how it was applied.
3. Remove all staples on the rabbit
4. Soak the new cane in hot water for 10 minutes. DO NOT cut the cane to fit. Leave at least 1" overlap all the way around.
5. Use a pneumatic, upholster's stapler with 1/4" wire staples.
6. Center the cane, good side down (toward the front of the door) so that the cane is parallel to the sides of the door.
7. use one or two staples at "12:00", check the alignment of the cane, then pull the cane down to 6:00 and use one or two more staples to hold the cane in place. Put the staples as close to the inside edge of the rabbit as you can. Now do the same thing at 3:00 and 9:00. Check the alignment again. Then working toward the corners put in a staple at every strand.
8. Because the radio net weave doesn't hold its shape as well without the diagonals, put in a couple of staples on one side, then a couple of staples on the opposite side so that the stress on the parallel strands doesn't cause them to curve towards the direction you're stapling.
9. Trim the cane at the inside edge (corner) of the rabbit.
10. Replace the wooden stops.

  • I need to put "radio weave" cane webbing in the frame of a cabinet door which encloses a stereo speaker. The person who did the work on my other doors is no longer in business. I'm handy but have... more
    • cane in cabinet door JIm Widess, Sat Apr 28 12:19pm
      • Re: cane in cabinet door Cathryn Peters, Sun Apr 29 7:48am
        Wonderful explanations of the steps Jim, thank you! Newbie, be sure to buy your caning supplies from Jim at The Caning Shop The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters... more
      • Re: cane in cabinet door ereeder, Sat Apr 28 6:21pm
        Jim, Thanks a bunch!! VERY informative! I should have pointed out that this is a "new" door that has never had cane. I removed the center wooden panel of the door to make room for the cane webbing... more
        • cane and cabinet doors JIm Widess, Mon Apr 30 12:32am
          Wire staples of the kind used by upholstery shops are very thin and shouldn't cause splitting. I always staple every strand - especially when using the radio net weave. If the air pressure is too... more
          • Re: cane and cabinet doors ereeder, Wed May 2 5:46pm
            Jim, A few last questions. What are the specs on the staples? Are they flat on top? The crown (width) of the staples is the big mystery to me. It looks like 3/8-inch is the most common crown size,... more
            • Re: cane and cabinet doors ereeder, Fri May 4 5:12pm
              I am now a successful caner (at least passable). I'll share what a TOTAL newbie learned, thanks to Jim @ First, I misunderstood Jim's directive to staple every strand. I thought that he... more
        • Re: cane in cabinet door Cathryn Peters, Sun Apr 29 7:50am
          Ereeder, Could you please introduce yourself to the group? What's your name and what state do you live in, for starters. Thanks! The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters
          • Re: cane in cabinet door ereeder, Sun Apr 29 10:07am
            I'm Ed from California. Retired, somewhat handy, have zero knowledge of cane, and feel incredibly lucky to have found this incredible resource.
            • New to the source, Mon Apr 30 6:27am
              Hello Ed, New to chair seating? Visit our web site Search here to read past posts. A ton of information. Jim Widess and Frank’s Cane and Rush are both on your coast as well ... more
              • New to the source, Mon Apr 30 6:29am
                Love typos That is Jill Woods The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.
            • Re: cane in cabinet door Cathryn Peters, Sun Apr 29 2:22pm
              Hi Ed, and welcome to the Chair Caning Forum! Please use a signature file after your posts, if only for your name and state, it helps all of us since we are spread out all over the country. The... more
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