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Re: cane and cabinet doors
Fri May 4, 2018 5:12pm

I am now a successful caner (at least passable). I'll share what a TOTAL newbie learned, thanks to Jim @

First, I misunderstood Jim's directive to staple every strand. I thought that he meant a single staple per strand, when in fact he meant that each strand should be held with a staple (i.e., a single staple can cover more than one strand).

I used 20-gauge 1/4" staples with a 7/16" crown (T50 equivalent). I picked up a cheap Harbor Freight pneumatic stapler and staples.

I tested how close to the edge of the rabbet I could staple and then checked how close this would be to the decorative (and thin) lip on the door frame. I decided that I needed a wider rabbet to be sure that the staples didn't protrude. I used a router to give me another 1/4" of width.

I followed Jim's instructions and everything worked well, at least as good as the original doors I have.

One thing I did was to slightly angle the staples when I set them (something like this, only not so steep an angle - \ \ \ \ \). This allowed me to overlap the staples so that I didn't have to worry about a new staple hitting an existing one.

One minor concern is that the Radio Weave strands aren't exactly straight. There is a bit of an "S" curve top to bottom. I'm fairly certain that I didn't introduce this when I stapled the webbing in. I'm wondering if I could have "adjusted" the webbing before I installed it?

Now to search the archives and see how to match the stain.

Thanks again!

Ed in California

  • Re: cane and cabinet doors ereeder, Wed May 2 5:46pm
    Jim, A few last questions. What are the specs on the staples? Are they flat on top? The crown (width) of the staples is the big mystery to me. It looks like 3/8-inch is the most common crown size,... more
    • Re: cane and cabinet doors ereeder, Fri May 4 5:12pm
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