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Fiber rush weaving
Fri May 18, 2018 4:00pm

Hello, I have been a Seatweavers for many years and have done many fiber rush seats, but I have a persistent problem that is making it very difficult. I am careful with my gussets and when I start my first full round, the back and front open spaces are equal. However, at the back right hand corner when I pull the rush over the right rail it pulls the rush going front to back to the right so it is no longer straight.
I have tried putting a peg in the corner so it can't pull too far but it didn't work. I have tried not pulling too hard, but it makes the corner loose.
Does anyone else have this problem.? I hope I've described it successfully. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Cindy from Cape Cod.

    • Fiber rush weaving lasallecraft, Sat May 19 8:56am
      Good question. I have the same problem. Andy
    • Fiber Rush Weaving gm.hefley, Sat May 19 5:11am
      Hi! I have the same issue if weaving the fiber rush dry. If it’s 5/32” rush, I soak it for 30-45 seconds and if it’s 6/32” rush, soak it for 90 seconds. You can compress the rush on the other three... more
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