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Rush with unequal sides
Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:43am

I once came across a little rush chair with the front rail an inch and a half longer but the same number of strands front and back. The rows on the back rail were pressed tighter together and the gain on the front rail happened within a couple of inches. It wasn't noticable at all. Hopefully you can compensate for the uneven rail length that way. It is also possible to wrap one corner twice (front side, front side) before moving on, but that tends to round the corner a little so it might not be as pleasing.
Joyce Curtis
Back Porch Caning
Haslett, Michigan

  • Chair with unequal sides ABQLaurie, Fri Jun 8 11:10am
    Greetings all - I'm about to begin a rushing rocking chair. Front is 20.5" back is 15" - a difference I expect and know how to compensate for. However, the length of one side rail is 1/2" longer than ... more
    • Rush with unequal sides Back Porch Caning - Joyce Curtis, Sun Jun 10 5:43am
    • Re: Chair with unequal sides The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sat Jun 9 7:21am
      Laurie, Happily, I've not had this experience in all my 40+ years as a seatweaver, so not sure if it will work or not but could you try to put in a few "short rows" on the front and back of that long ... more
      • Re: Chair with unequal sides ABQLaurie, Sun Jun 10 11:12am
        Thanks, Cathryn Just last night I started thinking along those lines and with your encouragement I’ll give it a try. I decided to use fibre rush instead of PTNR on this, too. Customer was... more
      • Unequal sides, Sun Jun 10 8:20am
        I posted earlier but it must not have gone through. I have seen this many times. What I do is mark progression marks on the side rails but instead of measurement increments I divide proportionately.... more
        • Re: Unequal sides Cathryn Peters, Sun Jun 10 8:24am
          Sorry Jill, but I'm not following you at all here. How does taking adequate measurements account for one side rail being 1/2" longer than the other and filling in the difference accordingly? What am... more
          • Unequal sides, Mon Jun 11 5:10am
            Once again, I answered you yesterday Cathryn but it Std not go through. Must be doing something wrong. You are correct though. My suggestion of progression marks by proportion spreads the need to... more
          • Re: Unequal sides ABQLaurie, Sun Jun 10 11:57pm
            Thanks all. Good approaches to try. Cathryn, I believe Jill’s method would aim to make up for the 1/2” in small increments. Perhaps a tiny fraction of an Inch for each segment of the weave. So if one ... more
      • Re: Chair with unequal sides The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sat Jun 9 7:27am
        Laurie, Another solution might be to just wrap a few times around the front and back of that long rail, tacking on your start and stop, to compensate for the 1/2". But then it might leave a gap... more
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