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Unequal sides
Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:10am

Once again, I answered you yesterday Cathryn but it Std not go through. Must be doing something wrong. You are correct though. My suggestion of progression marks by proportion spreads the need to overpack out so that it happens evenly.
I suggested it since Laurie mentioned her use of orogression marks.
I guess I need practice posting so that it shows.
Who often forgets to hit the darn send button elsewhere too

  • Re: Unequal sides Cathryn Peters, Sun Jun 10 8:24am
    Sorry Jill, but I'm not following you at all here. How does taking adequate measurements account for one side rail being 1/2" longer than the other and filling in the difference accordingly? What am... more
    • Unequal sides, Mon Jun 11 5:10am
    • Re: Unequal sides ABQLaurie, Sun Jun 10 11:57pm
      Thanks all. Good approaches to try. Cathryn, I believe Jill’s method would aim to make up for the 1/2” in small increments. Perhaps a tiny fraction of an Inch for each segment of the weave. So if one ... more
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