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Anderson's Restorations-Rob
Damage Repair
Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:35am

I would pass on this. If you repair, I can promise that when more breaks they will want you to fix again, usually at no cost. I have 2 chairs now blind cane that the customer wanted "fixed". It was do it all or not at all. The chair has the most value only if it's restored properly. IMHO

  • Damage Repair gm.hefley, Sat Jun 16 10:38am
    Good morning! Attached are a couple pics of a blind caned chair that has damage that the owner would like repaired. O am at a loss as to how I might proceed. Owner doesn’t want to spend alot and I’m... more
    • Damage Repair Anderson's Restorations-Rob, Sun Jun 17 8:35am
      • Re: Damage Repair gm.hefley, Sun Jun 17 3:14pm
        Hi there! Thanks for the replies. The side panels are both intact. The seat is severely damaged. I will follow your advice. Mike Hefley Murrells Inlet, SC
      • Re: Damage Repair The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Sun Jun 17 10:39am
        I'm with Rob on this one, but boy, that's a magnificent and valuable cane chair! Have you been asked to replace the seat and also "repair" the back? And are ALL the other panels perfect (including... more
        • Blind Caning gm.hefley, Sun Jun 24 10:07am
          Thanks to y’all for the great ideas. I am going to take a piece if Super Fine sheet cane and splice/glue over the hole, suggest the slip cover for the back and cut a fitted piece of birch plywood for ... more
        • Blind Caning nantaylor56, Sun Jun 17 10:18pm
          Yes a beautiful chair! I just finished my first blind chair back so not an expert by no means. I agree if you try to mend it it will cause more breaks. I charged $5.00 a hole with a total of $350. My ... more
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