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Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:17pm

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Hirsch, I live in the Austin, TX area and am still building my Website. My domain name will be Austin Chair Repair. I have been doing pressed cane for a few months. I have just taken a Rush Weaving class at the Silver River Center for Chair Caning. I probably have about 7-8 years to retire(I am a Physician Assistant) and want to ramp up a chair weaving business into retirement. My next hurdle is to learn Laced Cane at the Silver River Center.

  • Re: Curved back pressed cane chairs Cathryn Peters, Wed Jul 11 11:16am
    J2DOC1, Please introduce yourself to let us know your real name, state you live in and also how long you've been in the seatweaving arena! And then be sure to also sign off your post with a signature ... more
    • a short Bio J2DOC1, Wed Jul 11 4:17pm
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